Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the driving experiences take place?

To view our full calendar and the days of the week that you can drive cars please go to our Days of Operation


How do I book my driving experience?

Once you have your voucher, you can visit the Cars Available to Drive page to choose the cars you would like to drive, then call us on 01773 317255 to book your date


How long does the voucher last?

Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


What should I wear to the event?

Remember it is an outdoor event so check the weather, remember the climate control in the cars is whatever the temperature is outside. Boots and high heels are not advisable as some of the pedals are quite close together. Flat-soled shoes are best.


Where do I go when I arrive?

Follow the signs to Drive Dad’s Car Registration at the bottom of the car park


What do I need to bring?

Confirmation E-mail and your Full Driving Licence


Are there any hidden Charges when I get there?

There are no compulsory extra charges but if you have not ordered in advance you may be interested in souvenirs photos or extra passengers in the car. Please remember that your voucher includes free entry to the exhibition for the driver only (see next question)


I get free entry into the Great British Car Journey Museum can my friends and family come in with me? 

Absolutely, we’d love them to. So much so that they will get a reduced entry price as your guest.


Can I change the car I originally booked?

If there is a car you really want to drive and it is not booked out on your session, we may be able to do that for you but we can’t guarantee it. Always best to check in advance so we can organise for you

Can I upgrade to my car to another tier say if I wanted to change from a Metro to a Rolls Royce?

If the cars not been allocated then yes you can but there will be an upgrade fee to pay 

Can I drive more cars on the day?

Yes you sure can, we will have some cars available for pay and drive on the day, so tell your guests that come with you to bring their full driving licence with them in-case they see something they fancy taking for a drive.

Can I split a driving package with a friend?

Unfortunately not. All driving experiences can only be redeemed by one person. 

Will I be on my own in the car?

No, you will have a fully qualified instructor with you to show you the route, explain the controls and features of the car.


How long do I get to drive the car?

All of our experiences will last approximately 20 minutes regardless of the car.


Can I go as fast as I like?

You will be driving on a private road. There are some speed restrictions, give ways, and roundabouts so the rules of the highway code apply. Very few of our cars were built for high speed!


Can I take passengers?

If the cars have seats in the back and seat belts, remember back in the day not all cars had seat belts fitted then yes but we do make an additional £10 charge per passenger. Check with the event manager on the day and they will let you know which cars are suitable for passengers. Passengers must be aged 10 or over.


Can we take Pictures?

Yes, you can but you won’t be able to get close to the cars for a photoshoot as only drivers will be allowed in the active pitlane for safety reasons so bring something with a good zoom. We will have a photographer on-site that will take pics for you and will be available for you to purchase high quality digital prints


Can I video my drive?

Unfortunately not you need to have both hands on the steering wheel remember most cars don’t have power steering so you’ll need both hands to turn


Can I bring my dog me? 

Well behaved dogs on a lead are allowed on site, but they are not allowed inside the building. We have 25,000sqft of carpet and over 550 sets of wheels at just right height for cocking a leg up against!