Take a Personal Trip down Memory Lane

Pull out the choke, turn the key and take a trip down memory lane, whether its Dad’s Car, Mum’s car, your first car or the one you always wanted when you drive one of our cars it is the ultimate personal journey down memory lane.

Your chosen car will have been built in Britain some time in the last 80 years and will hold memories which your drive will reawaken. For many it will be an iconic Mini over 5 million of which were sold between 1959 and 2000… but it might be an Allegro, a Cortina or an Escort: Britain’s best selling car of the 1980s. All our cars are all low mileage or restored machines in tip-top condition

Drive Dad’s Car is the UKs No. 1 Classic Car Driving Experience and is based at our interactive car museum “Great British Car Journey” in the Peak District

We have over 40 British classic cars from the 1930s to 1990s that you can take out for a spin around our purpose built circuit.

In this film, Jon Bentley, popular Channel 5 TV presenter, was delighted to discover what Drive Dad’s Car is all about; the smells, the memories, the good times and ALL the feels!!
Enjoy your trip down memory lane from just £49, which includes entry to the Great British Car Journey museum too. You can buy for yourself or as a unique gift for a friend or relative.

What to Expect

Manual Choke, Manual gear box (4 speed or less), Wind up windows, Wind open sunroof, Sliding windows and Fixed seatbelts (if it has any). Oh and of course an unforgettable experience.

What Not to Expect

Climate control, Sat Nav, Bluetooth, cruise control, power steering or airbags. In fact no frills at all but thrills a-plenty and a wave of nostalgia.

What's Included

  • More than 40 British Classics to choose from
  • Instructor-accompanied 20 minute drive per car
  • Multiple laps around our private road network
  • Free Entry to the Great British Car Journey experience
  • Discounted entry for friends or relatives accompanying you on your visit – please book at the time of redeeming your DDC Voucher

Aided by an expert instructor you will drive the car on our private road course enjoying a 20 minute experience.

You’ll have less power than most modern cars and the brakes and steering will require more effort. If the car has a radio, it will probably only work intermittently and if you have any old cassettes, feel free to bring them with you!

Luckily, you will want to savour your time behind the wheel, so you do not need to put your foot down and thanks to the absence of modern safety features, we don’t want you to either!

The video opposite was made to promote Drive Dads Car as a gift for Fathers Day but we think it also give a great overview of a nostalgic trip down memory lane that a Drive Dads Car experience can create

What Our Customers Think

We think we have got a pretty unique driving experience but the acid test is always what our customers think about their experience

What to buy someone who has everything - Have you ever been stuck with buying a gift for someone who either has or done everything? Look no further than this experience. The booking process was simple, customer service is amazing and so relaxed on the actual day. Greeted warmly by staff, no pressure, no rushing around and no pushy aftersales. (Although we bought the professional videos, photos and souvenir wallet) I can’t recommend this place highly enough

Darren C


I had always wanted to drive a Rolls Royce but searched high and low when I was 70yrs old to try to find how I could but failed to find anywhere. Then nearly 3 years later - up pops DriveDadsCar.com and in their luxury car section found I could drive a Rolls Royce.I booked to drive a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit and a JaguarXJS Convertible - Absolutely great - the team there were very good and I had fulfilled a long term dream of mine. Go and do it it's fabulous and you won't regret it. Thanks a million

Trevor H


For our generation, this is not so much drive dad's car as drive my old car! Apart from the few 1920-30 Austin Sevens, this museum contains some wonderful examples of British family cars from 1950 to about 2000. Fifty years of motoring history. These are not supercars, they are superb examples of cars which we know and love, from the Mini to the Rolls. Despite the rain, my family had arranged for me to drive the MG Midget. Such fun - I'd forgotten what life was like without ABS, power-steering and servo assisted braking. Loved every minute. There is a super coffee shop and gift shop and the staff are enthusiastic and friendly. This really is a must-visit. Go tomorrow!

John V


My son was given this as a present and kindly invited me to accompany him which meant that we each got a chance to drive 3 cars. I am in my eighties and he is in his fifties and we both thoroughly enjoyed the visit. His selection was the XJS, mini (car he passed his test in) and TR7. My selection was the Minor convertible (my first car was a minor traveller), Ford Capri and the Bentley. The real surprises were how awful the brakes on the Minor were and the heaviness of the steering on the Capri. My “instructor” was very helpful and an extremely interesting guy to chat to on our way round the circuit which is all off road on a large industrial site.

Michael P


Car Driven.. Austin Allegro having owned one and fancied a trip down memory lane so treated myself and certainly wasn't disappointed.
An interesting and fun driving experience with a choice of over 30 cars the staff are very helpful and enthusiastic and the car was delightful to drive, the course you take is a little under a mile in length around the Great British car Journey site and adjacent industrial buildings and you get to drive multiple laps during your experience, also would make a great special gift would recommend it

Gary Hodgkinson

Google Review

Fantastic innovative idea to actually drive the cars you remember. I chose the capri and mini cooper both so different but brilliant .staff are enthusiast professional and knowledgeable. will be choosing more cars to drive ( over 30 to choose from) great day out and museum also fantastic highly recommended

Steve Pye

Google Review

Had a great day at Drive Dads Car. I chose 2 vintage cars for my partner to drive. The instructor who came in with us was so knowledgeable. It was like jumping back in time. Then we went round the museum which was fantastic with the portable headsets to give you audio throughout the tour. There is also a cafe. Great disabled access too. Well worth a visit !!

Julie Harrison

Facebook Review

Everyone we saw taking part in the Drive Dads Car experience had a beaming smile. Myself included! I loved driving the Reliant Robin, a Hillman Imp and a Wolseley. I like cars, but I wouldn't say I'm a car fanatic, but I still really enjoyed the story of the British car industry that the museum takes you on. A lot is known about the individual history of each car, which really brings them to life with personal stories

Robbie H


My birthday present at Driving Dad's Car Experience today - I drove an Austin 7 (my Mum had an Austin 7 Ruby) an Austin 1300 GT - (the first car I drove at 13) & an MGBGT. Cant wait to go back & drive more of their cars - thanks Pete

Pete Wastie

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