The Experience

The Experience

Your Personal Trip Down Memory Lane

Having assembled the Great British Car Journey collection, we realised that one important element was missing: the drive!

So we put together Drive Dads Car so that you can relive your past motoring experiences or sample for the first time what cars were like many years ago. We have more than 30 hand picked classics are waiting to take you back to an era when cars had character in spades and long journeys were an adventure.

Go back to the 1930s and drive the tiny little Austin Seven with its willing but noisy 750cc engine and complete lack of creature comforts. Take a spin in a classic Mini with its kart-like handling and cheeky charm which bewitched countless generations of drivers. How bad a car was the Austin Allegro and was the Reliant Robin really a car at all?  They are all ready and waiting for your judgement as is our fabulous Jaguar XJS and Rolls Royce Silver Spirit.

All our cars are fundamentally British, although some may have been made in Europe, they all represent an era when British cars ruled our roads.

  • You will drive on our newly resurfaced private road route
  • Your drive will take approximately 20 minutes (multiple laps)
  • You will be accompanied by one of our expert friendly instructors.
  • If the car has rear seats you can take your friends and family as passengers 
  • Remember this is not a race track – you will be driving at normal road speeds
  • Price includes free entry to our interactive car museum – The Great British Car Journey – worth £17.50
  • All cars are fitted with digital film cameras and the footage recording your drive can be purchased along with at least 10 still images taken by our professional photographer. Please note that this package, which costs £39.99, is for a maximum of three cars. If you drive more than three there will be an extra charge of £5.00 per car. You can pre-order this package or buy on the day. If you don’t want to drive the car, our instructor will be pleased to take you on a 20 minute trip.

So get behind the wheel, adjust the seat (if you can), put on your driving gloves and enjoy a bit of nostalgic motoring magic. 

All drives include free entry to the Great British Car Journey for the voucher holder (also discounts for guests)