Luxury Collection

Bentley Eight
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Year: 1986
Age: 35 years
Place of first registration: London
Facts: A really nice example of the rare Bentley Eight in a nice metallic blue colour with acres of blue leather inside.
We Love: The Bentley looks so much better than the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit even though it is essentially the same car. The ride and performance are amazing for such a big car.
Not so good: Extremely thirsty due to the 7 litre V8 engine and will never be cheap to maintain.
Jaguar XJS Convertible
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Year: 1991
Age: 30 years
Place of first registration: Brecon, Wales
Facts: A nice original Jaguar Convertible. A proper grand tourer.
We Love: That silky but potent V12 engine and the opulent interior and electric hood.
Not so good: Consumes fuel at a prodigious rate and under the bonnet looks very scary.
Rolls Royce Silver Spirit
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Year: 1989
Age: 32 years
Place of first registration: Surrey
Facts: Only two private owners from new.
We Love: That wonderful unstressed V8 engine. The comfort.
Not so good: For the planet. 15 mpg on a good day.